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Excellence Through Partnership

A company is only as strong as those they partner with.  Our clients are our partners and our greatest asset.  

It's our goal to never forget that without our clients, we have no business. 

Our Services

Zeis Consulting Services, LLC is the result of years of experience in the construction industry.  We are proud to offer products and services modeled to suit our client's needs. 

RRP Lead Renovator Training

Through our partnership with Zack Academy, we are proud to offer EPA RRP Lead Renovator Certifications.  Whether you need to get certified for the first time or re-certify, we can get/keep you in compliance with EPA regulations and help avoid costly issues.  Yes, there are stiff civil penalties ($37,500 per violation per day) when your company is performing demolitions and renovations on pre-1978 residential units and child occupied facilities but even greater is the physical and emotional devastation as a result of lead poisoning of children, adults and workers.  Click here to learn who should and how you can Get Certified! 

Forensic Estimating Services (Xactimate 28)

Whether you are a property owner who has suffered a loss, a reconstruction contractor, design professional or attorney, our forensic estimating services may be for you.  We use Xactimate 28 software which is an industry standard for insurance and government grant programs.  The means to recovering enough money to build back a property starts and ends with a proper scope of work.  We will evaluate your existing proof of loss, site photos and engineering documentation to provide a thorough and acceptable scope of work and geographically specific estimate.  Want to know more?  Click here!


Products We Use to Get the Job Done!

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